Dewanbegi Clinic as a well-equipped center offers good, quality and standard services to the people against low price.


Dewanbegi Clinic offers healthcare services to the people in the following sectors:

General Internal Diseases Department

All kinds of internal diseases are diagnosed and treated by two experienced specialists in this department of Dewanbegi Clinic. All kinds of internal diseases of adults are treated very well in this department against reasonable price, considering economic status of the patients.

Pediatric Internal Diseases Department

All diseases related to children, from newborn to 18 years old, e.g. diseases related to nutrition, growth, routine checkup of newborn children, anemia, malnutrition, short stature, wetting bed, disorders, mental retardation and other infectious diseases are diagnosed and treated in this department.

Gynecological and Obstetric Care Department

Besides treating gynecological and obstetric diseases, normal births are given in the safe delivery room of this department observed by two female experienced specialists. In addition, patients are kept under observation and are guided during pregnancy.

Dental Care Department

This well-equipped unit, having modern dental x-ray, which is managed by both male and female doctors is at service of local people.

Ultrasound Department

Pregnancy, fetal age, fetal size, placental position, fetal number, fetal presentation, womb disorders, amniotic liquid and etc. are diagnosed in this department; these services effectively meet the needs of patients. It is worth mentioning that ultrasound examinations of both genders are done separately by male and female doctors.

Well-equipped Laboratory

All laboratory tests related to complete blood count, hormones, hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, heart, pancreatitis, liver, stomach, rheumatism, stomach germs, typhoid fever, typhoid fever transmitted by animals, diabetes, blood cholesterol, kidney, germs that cause miscarriages and tests of obstetrical & gynecological diseases are done in the laboratory of Dewanbegi Clinic.

Dental X-ray and ECG

Dental x-ray, electrocardiogram (ECG) and lung function tests exist in Dewanbegi Clinic.


High quality medicine produced by standard companies is available in the pharmacy of Dewanbegi Clinic.




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Why Dewanbegi Clinic?

Dewanbegi Clinic as a well-equipped center offers good, quality and standard services to the people against low price.